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Yay! Another Project is Finished!

Yay! We have at long last released the final episode of Samurai 7! To celebrate this event, we have made a batch torrent containing episodes 13-26. If you are unfamiliar with batch torrents, you can either download all of the files, or use a client like Azureus that allows you to select which files you want. You can also grab any of the eps from our channel XDCC bots.
We would also like to give a big THANK YOU to all the Samurai 7 fans who have stuck with us through this project. Sorry for taking so long, but we're pretty sure it was worth the wait. And to the staff who kept up the work- well done.
One final thing to note... Black Cat 04 was released a few days ago, and 03 a while back, along with Trinity Blood 17. You can find them on our chan XDCC bots and AnimeForever's tracker.

-Jackal (2005-11-18)

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